Friday, October 9, 2009

Asher Roth & Boyder - How Many Bars

Heeeey, its Asher Roth!  Remember that guy?
Yeah, I completely checked out on homeboy after his people decided that his album was better served going after the Hollister crowd.  Ugh.  Some REALLY horrible decision-making going on in his career.  It's frustrating, really, because Asher Roth can SPIT (Boyder?...ehhhhhh....), plain and simple...but the shit he puts out in the form of actual releases, is just trash.  Oh well.

In fact, this is old as hell, and I link to it every time I mention AR just to prova a point, but if you don't have it, go get his pre-album mixtape, The Greenhouse Effect so i don't have to keep rambling on about the kid's talent.

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