Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Henry Paradox

Let me make a very clear statement:  I loathe Thierry Henry.
I hate whiny French footballers.  I hate Arsenal.  I hate the pronunciation of his name*.

True story:  I once dated an Arsenal fan.  She made the mistake of saying that she thought this jackass was "hot" . . . I didn't speak to her for 3 days.

HOWEVER!!! . . ."football is a funny ol' game" . . .and if this fool is sportin' two red, colliding bulls on his chest at some point next year, I will sing his name in adulation and praise as if he saved my mama from a truck fire.  Amazing, isn't it??  How pathetic am I?  Damn.  Whatever...I don't care.  I want a trophy.  If it means aligning myself to the French Devil (le devil), then so be it.  Where do I sign up?

* "On-Ree"  GAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!  Every time I hear it, I see that smug grin French people get (like that dick Tony Parker) and hear that goofy Frency laugh, "Ouh-hou-hou".  F**kin' French.

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