Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Duck Sauce - aNYway

A-Track + Armand Van Helden = Duck Sauce

Does this jam?  You're damn right it does.
In an INCREDIBLY cheeseball, "I kinda hate myself for posting this" kind of way. we are.  Jammin'.

Wait...I wouldn't be me if I didn't nerd it up a little and give sample credit to Final Edition for essentially making this song 30 years ago . . .and judging by the vid's comment section, it looks like the rest of the interwebs already knows this.  Nice.

Jam #2 after the jump

Ehhh, what else, what else . . .ahh...their MySpace page has another jam on it.  Same quality level as this one, I suppose.  I kinda dig it, but I don't know if . . .awww, shit.  Hold on!  It just got real funky at the 1:48 mark.  Nevermind what I was about to say.  Check it out . . .

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