Friday, October 30, 2009

Bad Habitz and Raw Nature

Time for some Garden State pride!
REAL Hip-Hop exists outside the 5 Boroughs!
Purity in music.  No bullshit war stories, no flaunting, no frontin' . . .just HIP-HOP!
I've been wanting to share some music from these dudes for a long time, but they're just getting started on building their internet presence properly.

First up is the duo of Prophet and Fizix, a.k.a. Bad Habitz.  They're currently working of their first full-length, but they've updated their playlist to give everyone a piece of what they've done so far.  Check it here.

In the same way The LOX were part of the larger Ruff Ryder collective, Bad Habitz joins forces with the rest of their own family to form Raw Nature.  To introduce themselves to the world, Raw Nature has released a free sampler compilation.  Get it here.

Also, for you local folks, Raw Nature will be performing tomorrow night at a masquerade ball at Ginger & Olive in New Brunswick.  I'll be there mask...if can spot me, I will glady give you the distinct pleasure of buying me some rum.

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chase mantooth said...

Raw Nature stole my lunch money, but I love their music anyway!!!!