Friday, October 16, 2009

Timbaland ft. SoShy - Morning After Dark

Hmmm . . .I might have to hear this a few more time. because all I hear right now is regular radio pop...c'mon Timbo!!  I know you can do better.  This is the first single for Shock Value 2, coming next month.

Oh...and, I assume I'm not alone in that I have no idea what a SoShy is.  Apparently, she's this.
Frightening, isn't she?  She looks like she'd have her way with you (angrily, like the Species alien), and eat your soul through your eye sockets.  ::Shudders::  Like she's Angelina Jolie's lost Persian cousin who shows up at a press junket like, "Oh, you thought Angie was the creepy one.  Check this shit out".  My goodness.  Do you buy her a drink, or ready a crucifix?

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