Monday, October 26, 2009

MLS Playoffs 2009?


Me and my middle fingers (especially Lefty, she's a real sweetheart) wanted to take a minute to invite any and all members of D.C. United and Toronto FC supporters' groups to sit and watch the 2009 Playoffs on TV with me on my couch.

C''ve got nothing better to do.  I'll make some popcorn, roast a 'mello or two, and we can have a fireside chat about pissing yourselves on the final weekend.  5-0 Toronto?!  My goodness.  That 12hr drive home must have been a real bitch.

Supporting a shit team is a pain in the ass, but dammit, when your shit sends your hated (personal) rival home for the winter on a flaming bus full of their own tears and shame . . .it all feels worth it.

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Brian said...

I'm starting to see why you hate Toronto so much