Thursday, October 22, 2009

Justice x Dante x Webster Hall - Your Eternal Soul (RMX)

 [This rant inspired by The Offside Rules.  No sense clogging up his comment section.]

Holy hell, man.  Justice at Webster Hall?!  That's like bringing a fire hose and 2 buckets of extra crispy to a fraternity full of mogwai after midnight.  I love me some Justice, but you couldn't PAY me to get up in that human soup.

Have you ever BEEN to Webster Hall??  It's the last (public and blatant) remnant of pre-Giuliani NYC.  That joint is like the 2nd Circle of Hell on the average Thursday.  Anyone within 10 blocks of that place is gonna get 2 designer, French STDs and an opiate addiction just from breathing the air when Justice is in town.

I was in that joint last when the drummer and bass player from Bloc Party were spinnin', and THAT was a zoo.  And by "zoo", I mean "look to my left and see a 6'3" tranny snort coke of a urinal".  Yes . . .for Bloc Party.  So WTF is that place gonna look like for Justice?!  Outbreak monkeys and dirty midgets swinging from the stage lights?  Before 1AM, some girl is gonna be impregnated ON the "dance" floor, and by 3, she'll give birth to herself.  Or at least that's what she'll think happened, because all she had for dinner was Special K.

Good grief.  Hide your children, the electo-house kids are roaming the streets again.
::reaches for purell::

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