Friday, October 16, 2009

The Conflicting Emotions of the "New Moon" Soundtrack

Thom Yorke - "Hearing Damage"

Seeing as you are one ridiculously hip individual, I assume you already know that the artists on the soundtrack for the new Twilight movie reads like a Who's Who In Blogworthy Music catalog.  Big Time.  If this tracklist came under the guise of anything else besides a romance flick for children, I can guarantee that it would be the single biggest compilation of music in the post-radio, "indie" music era.  Look at that lineup!  Thom Yorke, The Killers, Muse, Death Cab, Grizzly Bears, Bon Iver...even Lupe Fiasco (the most "indie"-esque dude in Hip-Hop) has a bonus track.  Its as if Pitchfork itself vomited on a vampire novel and this was the result.

But here's the fun part:   Hands down, this is the biggest identity crisis any music snob/blogger has had to deal with this decade.  How do "we" handle this?  Do we ignore the fact that this is the backdrop to a children's movie?  Do we just acknowledge that our favorite artists have dropped new shit, that we ALL want to hear, and just roll with it?  If this wasn't a "romance" flick, would we be able to accept it easier?  Everyone seems OK the Where The Wild Things Are fact, we all thought it was cool.  Who knows.

If this was released as a Stereogum mix album, every person still reading this post would own a copy and would have told everyone they know about it...instead, bloggers/fans (used to be the same thing once) are afraid to talk too much about it, in fear of saying the wrong thing and risking that small line of credit the internet gives out when it comes to "cool" and "credibility".  Ehh...the whole thing is amusing to watch from afar, in my small little corner on Blogspot.

And what would this collection of music be without the requisite dose of irony:  It seems that the high school set is kinda pissed about this line-up because they have no idea who any of these people are.  They don't want Thom Yorke (the Gen X-Y John Lennon), they want Paramore.  The whole thing is fascinating.

Found this preview of some of the tracks on the Tube:

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