Friday, October 23, 2009

Golden Silvers - True No.9 Blues (True Romance)

If Blondie did a jam with Chromeo.
The Gums is full of good suggestions today.
Check 'em out.

And as an aside, perhaps this is just my innate negrosity talking, but the overwhelming theme of music videos for October has been pancake-assed women wearing shit that pancake-assed women should not be wearing.

I'm just sayin'.

Wait . . .does this mean we're regressed??  Did the Hip-Hop aesthetic and the "It's OK to have a mean bubble" movement go too far, and the proverbial rubber band has snapped back on itself?  Are we going back to 80's butts??  Gross.  I hope not.  You know, that's a very under-discussed part of the whole 80's obsession all us Gen Y'ers have.  Women's bodies were awful.  No one talks about this.  Why?

"Please Venus" after the jump . . .

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