Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Movin' On Up: EM Theories!!!

The time has come, my dear internet friends.  Over the next few days/weeks, I will be killing this blogspot and moving over to bigger and better spaces at EMTheories.com.

No longer a solo operation, but still VERY much me.  My same style, my same tastes, except alot more of it.  Not just a running blog anymore.  I'll be doing interviews, album reviews, hosting shows, throwing parties, the muthafuckin' WORKS, baby!  All along with my friends who bring their own personal brands of WTF'ery along with them.  If you're looking for me, no worries, all the stuff I post/author/contribute/edit will be clearly tagged with Faux Fur & Soccer Shirts.  We haven't even officially launched EM Theories yet, but you're my people, and I want to give you the sneak peak so you can help me spread the word.

Thanks to everyone who has ever visited this blog, shared a link, told a friend, or even just pressed play on a couple of jams.  All I ever wanted out of this was to shift the way you listened to music a little.  Throw your ears in directions they might not have gone otherwise.  I had a fuckin' ball...hope you did too.

See you on Twitter, and my new home EMTheories.com

Friday, May 6, 2011

1990 - Of Sirka Color

   2. Of Sirka Color by 1990producer

Free candy from my inbox on a Friday.
Not mad at this at all.
Does make me want to buy a smoothie though.  Subliminals?

Joe Budden - Spring Training

Jersey "beef"
This is one of 7 new joints that appears on Budden's re-release, Mood Muzik 4.5.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Onra - L.O.V.E.

   Onra - L.O.V.E by Onra

Jeeeez.  This is just unfair.
Fuckin' FRANCE, man.  I need to get over there before I'm too old to groove with adequate proficiency.

Solange Knowles - Left Side Drive

   LEFT SIDE DRIVE by solange-knowles

Oh snap...I can actually mess with this.  Figured Solange would eventually make something I could jam.  Girl's got pretty good taste.  Law of Averages and all that, you know.  The music for this comes from Boards of Canada's (?) original "Left Side Drive" song.

STS - The Play

This appears the soundtrack of "The Glorification of Gangster" exhibit by Alex Haldi, set for the World Monuments Fund Gallery in NYC.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Cold Cave - Villains of the Moon

You know...I'm not sure that this song isn't actually terrible.
That might be why I enjoy it.

Mickey Factz - Fearless

   Fearless by Mickey Factz

Not trying to be funny or anything...but doesn't this have a distinctive Mood Muzik vibe to it?  The content, the format, the flow, the track?  No?  Just me?

Anyway...It's been a while since a Mickey joint really caught my ears, but this works.  I think it's a one-off, doesn't seem to be attached to any specific project.

Funkabit - Blue Moon

   blue moon by mozzarellarecordings

I get the feeling that me and Mozzarella Recordings are gonna become good friends over the summer.  This one comes from Funkabit's new Mirror Stars EP

Monday, May 2, 2011

Versis - Slow Down

Versis "Slow Down" from JeromeD.com on Vimeo.

This song is actually about a year old, but the video is new.
Still my jam, anyway, and you know I only listen to shit for 11min before I move on

Mac Miller - Talk About

Few things are funnier than reading people's responses to Mac Miller songs.  There's no middle ground whatsoever, and people seen to care WAY too much one way or the other.  Let the kid rap.  Go get yourself a snack or something.

Washed Out - Eyes Be Closed

   Washed Out - "Eyes Be Closed" by Stereo/Pirate

New jam from the traffic generator Washed Out.
Ever hear a song that's brand new, but you're sure that you've heard it 100 times before?  I'll bet a hunnit dollars that this song came on before Tubbs started feeding a chick strawberries on Miami Vice.

From the upcoming Within and Without (July 12)
Re: That album cover and title...really?

Eminem & Royce Da 5'9" - Fast Lane

I'm a couple days late on this...sue me.
But here's the first piece from the upcoming Bad Meets Evil EP
...and (for better or worse) it sounds exactly like you though the first track of this would sound.

The Foreign Exchange - The Last Fall

Speaking of Phonte...here's the latest from his singing side's most recent album, Authenticity.
Easily the most romantic video of 2011, right?
Makes you think twice about the lyrics to all those goofy love jams you like.

Focus ft. Phonte - UH!

Super simple.  Super dope.
"Dope beats, dope rhymes.  What more do y'all want" - Phonte